К-кт усиления КПП со сцеплением HKS для Nissan GTR

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Gear of feelings The strengthening gear products on the market current, based on the market and findings often seen the damage by the partial contact of gear design and optimum to micro level the shape of the teeth of the gear so that the tooth is localized at the center However, I finished in the processing accuracy of the ultimate further. It is an important factor in the use of the street, we also reduced gear noise. The mighty input of tuned engine, so as not to damage the gear oil film is destroyed, we have adopted the surface treatment used the pinnacle of motor racing in "F1". Corresponding to a weak point of genuine I tried to make a hybrid structure of steel and aluminum shift fork breakage often genuine. It is also possible to not only enhance the strength, to replace only part worn. Shaft and screw the ends, it will be completely free from the trouble of snap ring falling off. In addition, in order to secure the gear firmly with screws, making it a perfect fit or reduce, the weight of press-fit mounting. As a result, the development of not only greatly improves the stiffness of the shaft has improved. * Assemble by re-using some genuine parts. Degradation of transmission, assembly work is required