Усиленное сцепление HKS для Nissan GTR

878 500 руб.

I realize ultra-large capacity, full bolt and comfort operability: clutch pack Optimize the size of each part and a specially designed all components, including the case. Thus, it is possible to increase the number without thinning the plate and disc (original: 6 pieces, HKS: 8 sheets), providing a deformation preventing the disk due to heat and improve transmission capacity. In addition, without having to modify the hydraulic system by the large diameter of the piston, you are also provided with high pressure power of 110% pure ratio. Change the oil seal structure that is built into the case, I adopt a special seal of 170% pure compressive strength ratio. In response to the high rotation of the engine tuned by adopting the ball bearings in place of the thrust needle bearing. (Permissible speed: 8500rpm) The technique combination of all these, I realized the strength of 300% and the transmission torque capacity of 175% pure ratio (our calculated value). It is a bolt-on product assembly adjusted as a clutch pack at the factory. By sticking to material of the clutch disc, and not too high and moderate μ characteristics, and clutch pack is the ultimate also realized garage smooth while responding to more than 1000PS.