Комплект поршней JE pistons для Nissan GTR R35

69 400 руб.

Part # Bore Oversize Stroke (mm) Rod (mm) C/D (mm) Head CC's C/R With .040 Dome CC's Gram Footnote Skirt Included Ring Set# 321269 95.5 STD 88.4 165 34.3 64.25 9.0 -7.2 408 T, M F JG1006-3760 Dish requires no deburring or preparation, 2618 T6 high tensile forged aluminum. JE designs are specifically engineered for extreme applications up to, and including, professional competition. In this environment, the higher compression ratios, highest boost or heavy nitrous usage necessitate the higher tensile strength 2618 aluminum alloy. Features new Smooth Finished Crown process for excellent flame travel. 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.5mm ring widths. .905 x 2.500 straight wall 9310 premium steel wrist pins provided. Pin fitting and wire locks included. JE Proseal Rings Included Compression Ratio with 64.25cc heads 9.0:1.