Клапанные пружины Power Division для Nissan GTR

69 400 руб.

Клапанные пружины с титановыми тарелками для Nissan GTR-R R35. Beehive Spring Benefits: Rev faster, Lighter components, More durable design, Less stress on valvetrain components, Lower spring frequency for more precise valve control. More valve control equals more aggressive cam profiles. All of these items help to return more power for you to enjoy! The GSC 5054 Beehive valve spring set and Grade 5 Titanium retainers. This kit is capable of 9000+ RPMS, with as much as 12.4mm lift cams. This is a must have for anyone pushing the limits. 5054 Beehive spring pressure: 85lb @ 1.370" ( Seat), 181lb @. 350" Lift, 206lb @.400" Lift, 226lb @ .450" Lift, Coil bind @ .530" Lift, 5054 Beehive Rev and Boost range (using an S2 profile camshaft set) Max RPM: 9,200, Max boost: 40+psi, Intake Retainer Weight 5.14g, Exhaust Retainer Weight 3.84g