Mine's Super Response 4,1 литра двигатель в сборе для Nissan GTR

4 039 200 руб.

This engine sits on the throne of Mine's Super Response Series with the displacement enlarged to 4.1L while always maintaining focus on response. Customized pistons are produced with the perfect balance between the conflicting relationship of strengthening and lightening. By reviewing each and every part Mine's has been able to overcome the demerits of increased stroke and obtained the potential of reaching over 1000 horse power with this engine. By designing the engine without the use of cylinder liners, conditions are easier maintained givin it an advantage against overheating. Rather than specializing in what max speeds can be reached between 0-400m, Mine's ideal engine is of the highest quality that can be obtained on the extension of the street. Drivers can enjoy the feel of becoming one with their car through the engines response reflected directly from the pedal making the car even more fun to drive.