К-т форсунок 860cc и топливных насосов для NISSAN GTR R35

162 800 руб.

HKS FUEL UPGRADE KIT includes the 860cc Injectors and Fuel Pump Upgrade for a vehicle with upgraded turbines. The Injectors were designed exclusively for R35 GT-R. The Fuel Pump is the factory replacement type so no modification is necessary for installation. ●Injector The injection volume is increased comparing to the factory volume so it works for higher engine output without increasing the fuel pressure. The injection size is the same as the factory so it can be installed with the factory fuel rail. 2 tapered injection holes spray better than the factory injector. * The injection direction is set toward the intake valve’s head. When the valve is opened, fuel is sprayed directly toward the inside cylinder. Therefore, the response gap of the A/F at acceleration is less than the 1-jet type. The improvement can be experienced during revving the engine a few times while at neutral. Comparing to non-HKS Injectors utilizing the same design, HKS Injector spray fuel in a mist form, so combustion can be more stable. The difference is more obvious especially on cold start. The stable combustion reduced the black smoke at accelerating. Max. horsepower 800ps