Впуск Greddy Suction Kit Type-2 long для Nissan GTR R35

82 700 руб.

The TRUST GREDDY Suction Kit - Type-2 Nissan GT-R R35 is specifically designed for the vehicle by Trust Greddy.The AY-SB Airinx air filters are made with a special dry element and then placed between our new dual chrome ABS spiral cages. Trust special double-ply element uses 2 layers of 3 dimensional urethane foam (with different textures) to increase filtration and maximize intake airflow. The outer ply has a large opening while the inner rough layer is made up of a fine foam. The outer cage is a spiraled straight-fin design which helps promote air intake. The chrome finish can dress up any high performance engine compartment. The Type-2 is a long type piping kit, which will allow you to have the Suction filter as close as possible to the Front Bumper. This will allow a more direct air suction, and is specifically useful with big front mount Intercooler.