Впуск титан Mine's для Nissan GTR R35

111 500 руб.

As the GTR-35's engines and turbines continue to be upgraded and provide higher power output, control of a the air intake becomes more problematic. Expert settings become severly important with the effect on the sensors having to be considered in the selection of air filters and piping layout as well as volume. This titanium intake system includes air filters desinged by BMC, the company reknowned for their products used in F1 and Le Mans race cars. These specically desiged air filters are designed to fit inside the front bumper to bring in fresh air from an opening surface of only 1.4 times that of the original design proving to be highly efficient. Installation can be done without the removal of the front bumper as the filters easily fit inside the bumpers space and efficiency is increased signigicantly with the use of the included guiding blades. Lightweight titanium is the material by choice and the piping diameter has been increased from 70 �� ��80 �� . As a result, the volume capacity of the stock air flow meters measuring signal slides towards the increased end and therefore this item becomes a must for high power applications with high output turbines and large size injectors. 80φTitanium intake Pipes �~2 60-80 Formed Silicon Hoses �~2 Hose Clamps φ80 �~2 Air Filters�iBMC�j �~2 Air Guiding Blades�@ �~2