Комплект увеличения мощности GT1000, 4.1L HKS для Nissan GTR

4 490 000 руб.

Это топовый комплект для увеличения мощности свыше 1000 л.с. на компонентах HKS. To be No. 1 in all places. It’s very important to be No. 1 with the R35 GT-R because it’s No. 1 sport car in Japan. But that doesn’t mean to make the top speed machine. It’s not difficult to make the top speed with this monstrous machine. But even if you have the fastest speed machine, and can’t control it, it means nothing. You can’t win the battle in a race. You need to be No. 1 in all places like torque, suspension, cooling, clutch, electronics and etc. To become No. 1 for R35 GT-R’s best performance, HKS GT1000 is the perfect tuning menu. HKS is challenging for the high performance concept of HKS R35 GT series. And we have set the goal of 1000 horse power with GT1000! For the extream power and performance, the GT800 design of "symmetrical layout" has succeeded to the new GT1000. Цена указана с установкой и настройкой.